April 13, 2020

Bubbles Wants You to Bring Her Home!

At 6 months old, Bubbles is just on the edge of her kitten hood. She was rescued from a feral colony as part of VOCAL’s TNR program with the intention of being fixed and returned, but she had a cold and needed some extra recovery time at our clinic after her spay surgery. During her stay, volunteers noticed that she was actually pretty friendly, and would make a nice pet. Bubbles is currently in a foster home where she is learning more about house life and gaining confidence around different people. Since she didn’t grow up in a home, she can be a little shy at first, but once she knows you she is very sweet and affectionate. She really enjoys playing with other cats, and it would be great to adopt her to a home with another young cat that she could share friendship with. Bubbles is quite striking, with tiger-like markings and incredibly soft, fluffy fur that you will surely enjoy stroking as she purrs in your lap. Bubbles had a bit of a rough start in life, but her best days are yet to come… could they be with you?

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