December 22, 2020

Deserving Delilah

It’s hard to imagine a dog more deserving of a great home than our sweet Delilah. That’s been her name for the past year, but before that, she was known to our staff and volunteers as Violet. It was under that name that she held the title as one of our longest residents at VOCAL- about 2 years she had spent waiting for an adopter. Unfortunately, that adoption fell through recently after her adopter suffered some life-altering and unexpected health issues. Through no fault of her own, Delilah is back with us, and hoping to find a home where she can live out the rest of her senior years in comfort. Before coming to VOCAL, Delilah actually lived the majority of her life alone in a backyard, giving birth to countless litters of puppies, only to be discarded once she had outlived her use. When she came into our care we made a promise to her that the sad life she had known was about to change forever, and we are determined to keep that promise. What you should know about Delilah is that she is the kind of dog that loves with everything she has. Delilah enjoys nothing more than curling up with you and having her belly rubbed for as long as  possible. She gives the best (somewhat sloppy) gentle kisses. She has the kind of sweetness and goodness to her soul that you can see in her smile- really, she is just the best. Right now, Delilah is back in her previous foster home, where she gets along well with the resident cat. She has also lived successfully with other dogs in the past. Her foster family includes children who love her and play with her without any issues. Delilah knows basic commands and is used to walking on a leash. If you are looking for an extremely loving, sweet dog, please call us and ask about Delilah.

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