September 1, 2019

Fall in Love with Jack Frost

Jack Frost’s profile picture tells you everything you need to know about him. He rests casually against the backdrop with his back feet slung out to the side, staring right at the camera with soft, chocolate-colored eyes, and a fat, pink tongue hanging out. He has the look of a dog who knows how to go with the flow. This handsome cream and white boxer/lab mix is still very young at just under 2 years of age. Jack Frost is at the perfect age to be mature enough to learn new things quickly and adapt to your expectations, but is still puppyish enough to be playful and have lots of energy to frolic around. One of Jack’s favorite things to do is ride in the car. Volunteers have noted that he is an excellent passenger and behaves well on outings. Around the shelter, Jack has a reputation for being calm, and good-natured with everyone he meets. Although he was a stray before coming to VOCAL, Jack just soaks up all the love and attention he can get, and his happy-go-lucky personality doesn’t reflect any hardship he might have known in his earlier days. As we head into the fall season and the air begins to cool, Jack Frost is hoping to make this winter the most magical he has ever known- warm and cozy in his new forever home! If there is an open spot in front of your fireplace (and in your heart), Jack Frost would love to occupy it.

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