July 5, 2019

Get Ready to Chill with Gil

Do you have a little extra room in your heart and on your couch? If so, Gil Blythe would love to occupy both of those spaces! Although being a “house dog” is still somewhat new to him, Gil has quickly learned to appreciate the comfort of a soft couch and a fluffy pillow while living in his foster home. Several months ago, Gil and a female doggie friend were found roaming the streets; underweight, dehydrated, and with sores covering the pads of their feet. While in our care, Gil was nursed back to health and fed well to help put on some much needed weight. Now, this handsome black and white lab/hound mix resides in a foster home with a couple other small dogs, with whom he gets along really well. His foster mom reports that he has good manners and does well with other friendly dogs. She thinks he would be a great walking or running partner for someone who enjoys exercise and wants a friend to keep them accountable. Because his experiences with household living have been somewhat limited until recently, Gil can be a little timid when faced with unfamiliar objects or situations, so he would really benefit from an adopter who will be patient with him as he gains more confidence. But at just a little over a year old, he still has his whole life in front of him… he just needs someone special to show him how much he has to look forward to.

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