October 13, 2019

Introducing Iris

Iris is everything you could want in a cat. She’s got stunning black and white markings, a gentle, friendly personality, and she gets along beautifully with both cats and dogs. So why, at 2 and half years old, is she VOCAL’s longest cat resident? We really can’t answer that. Maybe because people are more attracted to lighter colored animals? Maybe because she isn’t a kitten? It certainly isn’t anything she is lacking, Iris is a wonderful cat! She’s been in foster care with VOCAL ever since she was a tiny baby, so she is well-socialized and used to being an indoor pet. When Iris was a very young kitten, she and the rest of her litter were abandoned by their mom in a feral cat colony. They were too young to survive on their own, so a nice woman helped get them to VOCAL. As she grew up, Iris attended many adoption events, but sadly, she was just never picked. We are really hoping that her turn to be chosen is right around the corner, because she has tons of love to give, and is going to make someone very happy! Iris’s foster mom says she looooooves attention, and her favorite activity is being brushed. To show how much she enjoys it, she makes sweet little chirping noises. When she wants affection, she gently reaches out and rests her little paw on your arm as if to say, “Hey, there, I’d like some pets, please.” Iris’s favorite animal in her foster home is a dog named Bella, and they are often found snuggling together. So if you have a dog already, that’s okay with Iris! If you are thinking of adding a cat to your family, please consider Iris. She’s purr-fect!

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