November 25, 2019

Keylo Has the Key to Your Heart!

Keylo is hoping to catch your eye, which shouldn’t be hard to do with his beautiful snow-white coat and delightfully charming smile. This handsome, 6 year old American Bulldog has everything you could want in a pet. He is playful, friendly, and loves to play games like fetch and tug of war. Something special about Keylo is that he LOVES kids, and we think he would do really well in a home with children. We can just see him running and playing in a family’s backyard, and enjoying lots of fun with kids of his own to throw the ball for him. If we asked Keylo to describe his ideal home, we imagine he would request a soft bed to lay on, and a special person to snuggle and love on him. He would love to keep you company and be your best friend, whether that involves jogging along together, or relaxing at home watching TV. Keylo is a happy boy who is up for just about anything!

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