August 18, 2019

Looking Sharp with Louis

Louis “mustache” you a question… will you please adopt him? This handsome tuxedo cat has a star quality personality, and the looks to match! Not only is his black and white coat fancy enough for any formal affair, it comes complete with the cutest little black mustache marking on his nose. At just a little over a year old, Louis is still a very young gentleman who enjoys entertaining others with his playful antics, so he’s sure to be the life of the party. Because he has grown up in foster care, Louis has been exposed to lots of animals and people, and is a super friendly and social cat. So, whether your home has all the hustle and bustle of a black tie party, or the laid back vibe of a jazz lounge, Louise will be dressed for the occasion and ready to mingle. Consider this your formal invitation to adopt… Louise will be eagerly awaiting your RSVP!

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