May 15, 2017

Loving Tri-Color Dog Seeks Forever Home

Adorable Tri-Color Dog seeks Forever Human! Please read Huey’s plea to find his perfect person or family!

Hi! My name is Huey! I am sure glad VOCAL came to my rescue! I had been taken care of for a while, but sadly my people left me at a truck stop one night. I waited and waited but they didn’t come back for me. Luckily, VOCAL came and picked me up and now I’m waiting for my forever home. In the meantime, I am in a foster home with lots of other dogs. I get along great with all of them – young and old, large and small. I am learning more about house manners and making straight “As” in potty training – as long as I can get outside when I need to. I’m getting better at this stuff! I also sleep quietly in a crate at night. I’m crazy about food so my foster mom is making me sit quietly in my crate before she will give me my breakfast and dinner; it’s so HARD because I am SO EXCITED!!! Sigh. I do well with “sit” and I’m learning “lie down.” I really want to please my humans and I am working hard to hear those words, “Good dog Huey!”  One other thing you might like to know about me….I am also a bit crazy about chasing squirrels. They run around up in those trees and I get really focused. I would jump up that tree if I could and sometimes I try. I am a pretty energetic boy but after a while of squirrel chasing and playing with the other dogs, I am happy to get cuddled and petted by my foster mom. I also enjoy snuggling down for a nap. My foster mom says I am really soft and that my brown eyes are full of love. So, life is getting better since that truck stop. All I need to do now is find a forever family I can call my own.

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