April 25, 2019

Open Up Your Home to OG Tang

OG Tang is furry creamsicle hunk. Currently, he spends his days gracing the volunteers and other cats at our office with his presence, but he would much prefer a family and a sunny windowsill to call his own. During his time in foster care, he has shown patience and affection while being handled by children as well as a strong ability to coexist peacefully with other cats. So, if you have other feline friends, he won’t mind sharing your attention. However, he would like it noted that he especially enjoys the company of the ladies. His gentle and loving personality have made him a favorite with shelter volunteers and visitors, and at just a little over a year old, he has many years of love to give. If you have a soft spot for a big, floppy orange cat with an old soul, OG Tang is the cat for you.

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