March 30, 2020

Relax with Roscoe!

During these isolated times, we could all use a friend by our side to help us relax and to provide comfort. Roscoe is ready to fill that role! He knows what it feels like to be scared and alone, because he was found as a stray, wandering around a local horse farm. Roscoe is about 2 years old, is a medium-sized dog, and has a very handsome golden-colored coat and the cutest folded ears. We believe he is a mix of Chow and Lab. One of his favorite things is getting belly rubs and snuggling in laps. He is very smart and would likely catch on quickly to any training or tricks you might want to teach him. Roscoe already walks well on a leash, and has done well with all the other animals he’s met. He seems to be very dog-friendly, which would also help him to be a match for a home that already has a pet or two.

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