Squiggy is Ready to Squeeze into Your Life!

Squiggy is an outgoing and affectionate 9 month old kitten, out on the prowl for his forever home. He’s been searching high and low since he came into foster care as a 1 week old baby, but he’s still waiting for someone to see how great he is. If you were to adopt Squiggy, you’d be adding a furry ball of fun and friendship to your life. He has a confident and easy-going personality, and is very well socialized. He is currently living with dogs and other cats in foster care while awaiting adoption, and he gets along with everyone. Squiggy has a handsome short-haired coat of grayish brown tabby striping, with white stockings and a white furry belly. When you look into his eyes you will see a soul who just wants to love, and be loved in return. Squiggy is ready to squeeze into your life… Are you ready to make room for him?