September 30, 2019

Stray on the “Street” to the Dog at Your Feet?

Street’s name is a reminder of where he spent his first lonely years, but all that changed when he came to VOCAL. Now, he spends many of his days driving around the streets of this town instead of walking on the hot pavement alone. He is a very popular dog in our shelter buddy program, because he is so easy to manage in public. Street is super friendly with people and kids, and extremely tolerant with other dogs he encounters (even when his same level of polite doggie etiquette isn’t reciprocated.) Street’s gracious behavior recently earned him admission into VOCAL’s “Doggie Diplomat” program, where volunteers take dogs to local assisted living facilities to visit with the residents and raise their spirits. As you can imagine, dogs must demonstrate a high level of behavioral reliability and good manners, as well a strong desire to interact with people in order to qualify for this honor. Street passed all the entrance requirements with flying colors, and had a very successful visit just last week. If you have a look at VOCAL’s facebook page you will see a lot of posts about Street and his recent adventures around town. Still wondering more about the details on this doggie ambassador? Street is a young dog, and is about 2 years old. He is a white American bulldog mix. He had heart worm when he entered our shelter, but VOCAL treated him for that, and he is now fully vetted and cleared for a new home. Those details are nice to know, but they don’t tell you much about how truly special this boy is. Street is a dog you meet and instantly love. All our volunteers agree… it’s pretty much impossible not to like this dog!

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