Tammy Green Daniels Fix the Future Fund

Here at VOCAL, our mission as an organization is to solve the homeless pet problem through prevention, community outreach, adoption and collaboration. We believe the first piece needed to address the homeless pet problem in our community is for every pet owner to have availability and accessibility to spay/neuter services for their animals. By offering affordable spay/neuter services we are able to prevent countless numbers of unwanted litters of cats and dogs. We know that spay and neuter is a key piece to fixing the future for animals of Marion County so we have created the Tammy Green Daniels Fix the Future Fund. This fund has been established to provide financial support to those who cannot afford to alter their animals but wish to do so.

Since the creation of the fund in 2016, we have subsidized over 2,000 spay and neuter surgeries for pets. Providing this subsidy helped keep animals in their homes and prevented thousands of unwanted litters from being born into homelessness. Would you like to help Fix the Future for others? Join our mission and contribute to this fund by selecting the product below.

Do you need assistance getting your pet spayed or neutered? We want to help make this possible. To receive financial assistance through the Tammy Green Daniels Fix the Future Fund, please submit a spay/neuter assistance application and our volunteer spay-neuter coordinator will be in touch with you very soon.

Tammy Green Daniels was one of VOCAL’s first supporters. She believed in our mission and supported our goal of making Marion County a better place for animals to live. She understood the importance of offering low-cost spay/neuter services in our community. When we named this fund, we could not think of a better person to honor.



 Tammy Green Daniels

Born in rural Virginia, Tammy Lynn Daniels loved animals from an early age. She spent much of her childhood nurturing kittens and raising abandoned baby squirrels. Over time, her love for both animals and people grew into an unbridled passion. Weekends in the Daniels household were always a mix of big dogs (and cats who thought they were big dogs), good food, better friends, and Seminole football. She was deeply passionate about animal rescue and was involved with several rescue efforts, from sponsoring dogs, to helping transport them to their forever homes. VOCAL held a special place in her heart because of their incredible passion, dignity, and love for animals. Her passion for both animals and VOCAL lives on through her wife, Lynda, and her two children, Brandon and Ashley. Live well. Laugh often. Love all.


If you are interested in learning more about this fund, please contact us at (352)-289-0800 or info@vocalforpets.org. We are always looking for more sponsors to join our mission and help us “Fix the Future.” You can help make a difference!