March 31, 2019

Violet is Vivacious

Are you looking for a dedicated companion? Violet has been patiently waiting to win over someone’s heart for nearly two years in VOCAL’s care. She is a volunteer favorite and is nothing but loving. Recently, she moved into a foster home and has learned some new tricks. She is perfect in the house, crate trained, food motivated and highly trainable. She has mastered the command “sit”, knows “down” and is currently working on impulse control with the command “wait.” Violet is excellent with children and adores spending time outside on leash. If you are looking for a walking partner, this trim gal will keep you motivated. With the help of a gentle leader she is walking very obediently on her leash, too. The last thing Violet would like you to know about her is she LOVES accompanying her foster family out in public. Her new favorite pass time is going to dinner at some of the local downtown spots and sitting on the patio. Does Violet sound like the girl for you? Call VOCAL at 352-289-0800 or email at to learn more. 

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