January 31, 2016

VOCAL Partners with Middle School Student for Project & Fundraiser

Voices of Change Animal League (VOCAL) cannot exist without community support. We depend on involvement and backing from our community at all generational levels. One of our 12 steps to ending the homeless problem in Marion County is implementing humane education programs in the local schools. Our goal of ending the homeless pet problem cannot be achieved without community support and like minded beliefs. We are excited to announce we have recently partnered with a local middle school student and will be a part of her required school project.

Maddie Ellers is an eighth grade student at Howard Middle School. She is passionate about doing well in school, but also making an impact in her community and more importantly in the animal world. She will be creating custom artwork for anyone who wishes to have a rendition of their beloved pet produced. Because she knows so many animals in our community are in need, she has asked her clients to make a donation in an amount of their choice to VOCAL for the artwork.  All donations for the artwork will go towards helping VOCAL open a low-cost spay neuter clinic in Marion County. Opening a low-cost spay neuter clinic is the first step in our 12 step equation to ending the homeless pet problem. With over 6,000 animals euthanized in Marion County alone each year, we feel it is extremely important to provide a solution at the foundation of the issue and offer  low-cost spay neuter services. Because at the end of the day, we believe in emphasizing prevention and not destruction.

If you are interested in having an original piece of artwork created by Maddie, please contact her at whiskerlove@cox.net.  If you are interested in contributing to our mission, please donate today!

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