July 7, 2020

You’ll Fall for Fergus!

Looking at his gorgeous black and white fluffy coat now, you’d never guess the sad past this sweet cat has endured. Fergus came to VOCAL through our spay/neuter clinic, as a community cat in very poor shape. His claws were overgrown and had actually become embedded in his paw pads, causing him excruciating pain with each step. He was also extremely underweight and sick. But, he had a will to live and an unbelievably sweet personality. The clinic staff did everything in their power to nurse him back to health, and after surgery to address his infected feet, and lots of good food and medicine, it was decided that Fergus should be made available for adoption as an inside cat. He is a very gentle and affectionate soul, and has so much to offer his adopter. He’s only 5 years old, so his best days are surely ahead of him! After such a rough start, Fergus deserves to spend the rest of his life in the comfort and security of a loving home. He is currently being fostered in a home with other cats and dogs. Fergus seems to make friends easily, and basically fly under the radar. Our clinic staff and volunteers have poured so much love and care into Fergus, and it would just make our day to see him in safe and loving forever home. Fergus is an amazing cat and he deserves to know how it feels to be wanted and cherished… please adopt him and show him.

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